Once again, Intel is working towards extending the torque of its 14nm processors. In 2017, the 7th generation Kaby Lake processors have seen more power trickle into ever-petite systems–both mobile and desktops. Now, we’re looking at a possible launch of its 8th generation chips that are anticipated to be 15% more powerful than their predecessors.

Surprisingly, on August 21, Intel just teased us with a Kaby Lake Refresh, signaling the future of Coffee Lake, maybe sooner. So, it’s clear that the new chips will spread across three of its architectures: Kaby Lake, Lake Refresh, Coffee Lake and Cannon Lake.

A statement reissued by Tom’s Hardware, Intel affirmed that its combining the trio architectures into a single generation, and redefine what ‘generation’ implies.

Coffee Lake Release Date

Even with the doubts, Coffee Lake seems to be in the works, for a possible launch in the second half of 2017. A couple of rumors are suggesting otherwise, though. The first mention of Coffee Lake was made in February, with a reassurance of the claim at the Computex 2017 held in Taipei, Taiwan.

After the release of the 7th generation processors designed for Ultrabooks, name Kaby Lake R, we’re foreseeing a possible release before we hit 2018. One thing we do know is, the company’s 10nm chip, code-named ‘Cannonlake’, is set for release in 2018 –at the very earliest, and we may not be seeing the 10nm+ Ice Lake until atleast 2019.

Rumored Coffee Lake Specs

According to TechRadar, leaks spotted indicate that the new chips will have major improvements in tow over Kaby Lake, including:

8th-generation Intel Core i5:
3.5GHz base clock
3.5GHz boost clock
6 cores, 6 threads
1.5MB L2 cache (256KB per core)
9MB L3 cache
Likely LGA 1151 socket support

8th-generation Intel Core i7:
TBD base/boost clock speeds
6 cores, 12 threads
1.5MB L2 cache (256KB per core)
12MB L3 cache
Likely LGA 1151 socket support

What’s more, laptop makers are already flaunting notebooks powered by 8th generation chips, with HP teasing a new Series of ProBook computers outfitted with an Intel Core i7-8550U processors. However, it needs to be confirmed whether its Coffee Lake or a Kaby Lake R chip.